Question: If I have recent, late, or derogatory items on my report, will Tradelines help boost my score? 

Answer:  If you have any recent late payments within 6 months on your report, unfortunately Tradelines most likely won't help your score.

Question: How many Tradelines should I order if I have not used my credit in awhile?

Answer: Each client's situation differs. Please contact Change My Scores so we can review your file for the best recommendation.

Question: Do you take credit cards?

Answer: Yes! We take credit cards, cash apps, and any form of legal payments.

Question: Do you allow the use of CPN numbers?

Answer:  If you have already pulled a report with all three credit bureaus, preferably using a Transunion or Experian model, we are able to add certain cards that do not request your social security number. It will be most beneficial to add the type of card at our discretion.

Question: Do you sell Primary Tradelines? 

Answer: No. Primary Tradelines are illegal and we do not particpate in the sell of those accounts. It is imperative that you obtain your own accounts from creditors. Primary Tradelines ARE A SCAM. 

Question:  What is a Primary Tradeline? 

Answer:  Primary Tradelines are accounts you would obtain in your own name. Whether it be a car loan, jewelry, real estate, and or credit cards, etc. 

Question:  What types of accounts do you sell? 

Answer:  Our accounts are all Authorized Users (AU) and they are credit cards only. 

Question:  Can you get me an auto, jewelry, or real estate Tradeline? 

Answer:  No, those types of accounts are ALWAYS primaries and you must obtain them on your own. Those who try to purchase those type of accounts through Craigslist or other internet advertisements usually get scammed. If you don’t get scammed and you actually get the line you will still be putting yourself at risk for fraud. 

Question:  How long does it take for the line to post? 

Answer:  Make sure you know the statement date and count down 7 to 14 days depending on the card you're on after the statement day. 

Question:  How long will Tradelines stay on my report? 

Answer:  Tradelines will show active on report for 60 (sixty) day’s and then they show terminated, however it usually remains on the report depending on what credit card company it is. 

Question: Will you help me if I have a problem getting a line to show up?  

Answer: We are here to help. Please call and leave a message if after business hours. We will return your call, upon receipt, within  24 hrs.

Question:  Will Tradelines magically appear on my report? 

Answer:   Typically yes, but you have to pull a new credit report for it to show. If you don’t pull new credit report, you will still be looking at the information from the old report. We will help you to pull your report with one on one training.

 Question:  Do I need a special address to pull the report? 

 Answer: Yes, in a lot of instances you do; however, make sure to contact us to guide you accordingly.